Healthy Heart Month

Heart Health

February is Healthy Heart Month! The nation’s number one killer is heart disease. It takes more lives annually than all forms of cancer combined. To improve your cardiovascular health and prevent heart disorders, here are some tips for you to follow!

You should get up to 150 minutes of moderate exercise or 75 minutes of vigorous exercise per week. (30 minutes a day 5 times a week is a good rule of thumb) Walking, jogging, swimming, or biking are great ways to increase your heart rate and get the blood flowing!

In addition to exercise, you should eat healthy such as replacing simple foods like mayo with a healthier option such as mustard. You can also eat popcorn instead of chips, whole wheat bread and grains instead of white, greek yogurt as opposed to regular, grilled white meat instead of burgers or fried foods, or egg whites instead of whole eggs. You should also control your portion size, eat more fruits and vegetables, limit unhealthy fats or processed foods, choose low-fat proteins, and reduce sodium. Planning meals ahead for the week can assist you in eating healthier everyday.

Distressing is also an important step in preventing cardiovascular disease and overall heart issues. Turning off your phone, deep breathing, listening to music, socializing with friends, and going for a walk are just a few ways to help you relax.

Here are some more easy and beneficial exercises!

  • 25 squats

  • 30 lunges on each side

  • 10 jumping squats

  • 25 calf raises

  • 10 pushups

  • 20 tricep dips

  • Small arm circles

  • 30 jumping jacks

  • 30 second jog in place

  • 30 second alternating punches

  • 1 minute mountain climbers